Otaku Fun Time!

{November 6, 2010}   Stuffs Happened

Yeah… twas my birthday yesterday. And no. I didn’t go to Kuro Kiiro Kiro Whatever-it-is con. Instead I went and got Chinese (don’t yell at me April I went to China Palace). I got How To Train You Dragon (the bestest animated movie since Anastasia), T.A.R.D.I.S. wall stickers, a T.A.R.D.I.S. necklace, a Hello Kitty Necklace, and Pokemon Monopoly. Today Katie came over and we played games all day. It was nice.



And I’ll give you ONE hint.



{October 17, 2010}   Boys Are Complicated

So I asked someone to homecoming. It was a really awesome night. Then he asked “So we’re going as friends, right?”

Thanks God. For making that really super  mega  ultra  genuinely MOTHER-F***ING awkward.

Oh yeah history project is going… slowly. Really slowly. I think I’ve had enough tea to save a small country in Africa.

{September 29, 2010}   High School

So high school is nice. When I’m not sick. And when my date to homecoming isn’t suspended. But other than that crap, High school is fun.


{July 28, 2010}   Finished!

Okay so I finished my cosplay and it really does look like her. But I’m a lazy butt and you are just going to have to wait to see pictures I’ll take when I’m not lazy.

Otakon this friday after getting up at five. Yay. But I’m excited. You’ll see pictures of my cosplay along with me just having fun there.

See you guys after Otakon!

Well, I won’t see you but you know what I mean.

{July 22, 2010}   OTAKON!!!

I was looking at the Otakon schedule. If you were going what would you do? And are you going?


I am very excited. I have yet to finish my cosplay but it is coming along nicely. My sister is making the hat today and I’m planning on working on the apron. And Asain or somebody should probably order things if they want it by Thursday. *cough* ORDER THE THING ALREADY! Tell me my share and I will pay you! *cough* sorry nervous about Otakon and my wig. see:

My wig. From Japan... YAY!

{July 21, 2010}   Decora


If you had to explain Decora to your mother how would you explain it? And what do you think are the main colors of Decora? Any thoughts about Decora? And if you could would you wear Decora?

Imagine spending six hours in an auditorium. After sitting there getting moved into a field holding giant round metal plates wearing a #@$*ing sweatshirt in ninety degree weather for seven hours. Lunch was okay but after being forced to march playing the fight song until seven o clock and not getting dinner. really? WTF?

So this weekend (which is why I haven’t ranted about Taylor Lautner yet) I went to my cabin. With Emily and April. It was fun we caught a toad and named it Steve. There are like seven Steves but this one is just “Steve” .

Now that I told about why I haven’t ranted about Taylor Lautner yet, I am goping to tell you that even though Taylor is a sexy man-beast, He is an ego-tistical DB! And so I have to say

“The Entire expirience was rewarding and Meeting Taylor was a cool privledge.” While behind my back I’m crossing my fingers.

{July 8, 2010}   Vidcon! NOOO!

I’m sure that some other Otaku has some favorite vloggers. (you know video bloggers) Well then you must have heard some of them talking about Vidcon. “Can’t wait!” “Its sold out!” “That’s ALL I’M GONNA VLOG ABOUT FOR THE NEXT SIX FREAKING WEEKS!”

Am I upset? What gave you that idea? ALL MY FAVORITE VLOGGERS ARE GOING AND THEY KEEP EXPLAINING WHAT IT IS LIKE WE HAVEN’T HEARD IT FROM THE OTHER THREE (popular) VLOGS WE WATCH! I mean I live on the east coast so i don’t have the time nor money to pop over and feel epic. sorry.

So to answer your question, yes. I am very upset.

Do you agree? Don’t you agree? Leave questions or comments below.

Today I went shopping and my sister was playing around in the perfume section. You wish to know the saddest part about perfume now-a-days? They all suck and the only reason they sell is because of endorsements by celebrities. I did find one i really liked though… It smells like coconut XD. It is also japanese so it is sorta related to anime. bleh.

This is the perfume. Its Japanese AND smells good. XD

If you haven’t noticed, there is indeed a new background theme thingy. Its because my old one sorta exploded. So live with this for a while and tell me if you don’t like it because I can change it again.

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